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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 26, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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yourself: why does it make sense to raise taxes? this is what we have said over and over again. have you an ailing economy. you ought not be raising taxes on job creators. secondly, you have a situation where the spending is still out of control in washington. harry reid and barack obama refuse to do anything about that. so asking people to pay more money interest washington so they can't keep more what have they earn actually makes matters worse and digs the hole deeper. so again, i think you are going to see this underscores what's going on this election season n. november, the american people are going to have a real choice. they have to respond to the question they are asking themselves, what direction they want this country to go in? do we want bigger government and washington making the decisions? or do we want to empower our small businessmen and -women of creating value and building businesses, even though the president doesn't think it's the small business people who build the businesses. >> sean: you didn't build that -- a lot of smart people.
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a lot of people work hard. i think this is one of the two biggest gaffs the president has made in the last two weeks. let me play this one first and get your reaction. what does it tell you about the president, coupled with his failed economic policies? >> if you are vehicleful, somebody along the line gave you some help! there was a great teacher somewhere in your life. somebody helped to create this unbelievable american system that we have that allowed ow to thrive. somebody invested in roads and bridges. if you have a business, you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen. >> sean: you know, my mother changed my diapers and gave me these horrible-tasting smashed peas and carrots, without her, i wouldn't be here congressman. >> that's why mitt romney is the right man at the right time to become the president of the united states. because he is testament to the fact that he does build
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businesses. he has built businesses. he understand what is this country's all about. this country's about economic freedom, where ordinary people can do extraordinary things no matter where you come from. that's what the president just doesn't get. >> sean: what do you make of this comment -- now, it's sort of like if you read it and democrats will say, you are cropping this, cutting out the context, he was talking about bill clinton. first of all, bill clinton, you know, was working with the republicans and the era of big government was over. and the end of welfare as we know it. bill clinton didn't run a $5 trillion deficit in 3 1/2 years. they are trying to parse the words he said here. he said, we tried our plan and it worked. let me play it for you. >> just like we have tried their plan. we have tried our plan and it worked. that's the difference. [cheers and applause] >> that's the choice in this election. that's why i am running for a second term.
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>> sean: if he's referring to clinon -- excuse me -- he's no bill clinton. and two, we tried his plan for 3 1/2 years and he said it would be a one-term proposition if it didn't work. and it hasn't. >> you know, sean, there has been nothing more extreme than this president's agenda for the economy. as we have seen, the red ink is fledded here in washington. this place is awash in red ink. and awash in regulations. i mean, this week, and the house of representatives, we focus on the fact we have to cut the red tape. it is too hard to be in business right now. if the number-1 issue is to grow the economy, if the number-1 issue is to engender confidence on the part of the mesh people and the entrepreneurs, the last thing you need is washington encroaching on every sector of the economy the way it is. i don't care what the acronym is, there is a federal agency doing damage to the small business person right now. >> sean: let me throw you a few
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statistics f. barack obama were to win a second term, how bad would it be? we have $5 trillion in debt that he has accumulated, new debt. he called bush unpatriotic and irresponsible for $4 trillion in debt in 8 years. we have 46 million americans on food stamps. 40 million americans that are in poverty. the food stamp number's gone up 15-plus million. then we have as a percentage of gdp deficit spending at the highest level since world war ii. if we continue down that path for four more years, what would happen to the american economy? >> sean, i am fearful that if we continue down the path of the obama agenda, we will be living in a country we do not recognize. that's why this election's so important. frankly, the american people have a huge choice -- are we going to go in the direction that mitt romney is laying out, a direction in which small business people, entrepreneurs, working families can live the
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dream, that is, they can go about building and earning success and provide their families a better life? or are we going to empower washington to grow ever bigger and take more hard-earned money of the people who make it and start to make decisions for working families and businesses across the board? which one is it? i believe the american people understand that our country is about freedom. it's about economic freedom and individual freedom. and, you know, it is the obama policies that are just anathema to the concept of limited government and more individual freedom. again, i would say, sean, i cannot recall a time in which the matters are more urgent and the fact that folks will really be put to the test here in november, i am confident of the outcome that we will elect mitt romney as the next president of the united states and win the senate and maintain the house and get this country back on track. >> sean: good to see you again. thanks for being with us. appreciate it. >> absolutely. >> sean: coming up, classic
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"hannity" shootouts, president obama's losing ground with business owners in a major way. we will check in with eric bolling and kimberly guilfoyle. they will break down the results of the shocking polls that came out today. chicago mayor has found a solution to the wave of violence that is sweeping his city. he is going to be outsourcing chicago's security to lou louis farrakhan? the nation of islam. we'll remind him about some of farrakhan's most outrageous retic, as "hannity" continues in a passionate debate, straight ahead. and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye.
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>> sean: small business owners have turned against obama. a whopping 59% of business owners disapprove of the president, the highest level of any sector in america. the sudden drop of support is without question at least in part due to the president's recent "you didn't build that remark," "there are smart people." and the romney campaign is not about to let the voters forget that. they have built a web site called built by us. >> if you have been successful, you didn't get there on your own. you didn't get there on your own. i am always struck by people who think, wow, it must be because i was just so smart. there are a lot of mart people out there. it must be because i worked harder than everybody else. let me tell you something, there are a whole bunch of
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hard-working people out there. if you have a business, you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen. >> [inaudible]. >> i started my business in '89. >> we started our business in a one-car garage. >> we built over the street from nothing with our own initiative. >> all my parents had was enough money for a slab of cement and one machine that they had. >> i am the owner of a small business, i business i belts up from nothing without any help from anyone. >> sean: joining me to cover the president's dwindling support among job creators here in america, the co-host of "the five," each and every afternoon here, eric bolling and kimberly guilfoyle. good it see you. >> great to see you. laught. >> sean: bowling is not going to say anything. >> we are a team. >> sean: he's losing -- why
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shouldn't he lose? >> doesn't it make sense? doesn't it mean that people are paying attention, they are seeing such a big philosophical difference, an ideology that has been exposed. they know what president obama stands for. he has had a chance too be in office and earn or deserve the office. they have decided that he can't sit there like a petulent child and blame george bush forever. >> sean: bob gets so mad when i call him president cry-baby. >> but that's a fact. >> sean: these two comments -- you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen. we tried their plan, we tried our plan and it worked. i believe these two comments are going to define a lot of the obama campaign. am i wrong? >> can you add one more? the private sector's doing fine. that was a month and-a-half ago. you didn't build that. we take credit for that. we tried their plan and then we tried our plan special our plan worked. i mean, what planet is he living on?
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i am not sure what is working. >> sean: liberals are saying, we are being unfair -- he's talking about clinton. my attitude is that, you know bill clinton -- >> can i do this? >> sean: go ahead. >> forgive me using the white board-- i think yours is bigger. >> tim russert's -- anyway, president obama wants to say, i am like bill clinton. bill clinton created a lot of jobs and did a lot of things. most of them are differences. business taxes, president clinton dropped business taxes. president obama wants to raise business taxes for all middle-income and small businesses. food stamp, under bill clinton, $2 billion dropped in food stamp usage. under president obama $40 billion increase. disbas prices under clinton were flat. under obama, up 91%. up since he came to office. but here's the big one. wealth, under president clinton,
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wealth went up 40% in the 8 years, 3 1/2 years under president obama, it has dropped 35%. >> sean:an i give you an observation? this is a great chart. but my political observation is that this president had two years and nancy pelosi as speaker, harry reid as senate majority leader -- stimulus, health care, son of stimulus, trillion-dollar budgets. he got everything he wanted. bill clinton, when he had to work with newt gingrich, first time in 40 years, republicans took over. that at that time, it was big government's over. end of welfare as we know it. i think that's why the results are so dramatically different. >> they are dramatically different and anybody can look at math and see this is a failing report card -- >> you want me to hold this up. >> if you want america to fail and you don't like american exceptionalism, by all mean, i respect your right to choose, put him back in. but if you would like someone withs business experience, put n
9:15 pm
romney. >> he was smart. he knew he had two years to get his ideology and redistribution in place and form the stimulus and the social engineering in the form of obamacare. he got done before the house went republican. then he only has really -- get the economy back, it is not happening? >> clinton adjusted. >> right. >> sean: he moved to the center, triangulation. we have talked about it a lot. let me put up two things. the rasmussen poil, in fact, mitt romney is up in this race, 48-44. we are talking about an incumbent president here. those number, coupled with his disapproval rating now is near 50%. then one other thing, as we look at all the wasted stimulus dollarless -- sunpower, solyndra, green energy, brazil, canada, outsourcing of stimulus dollars. federally funded jobs corps. minimum-wage jobs we are paying
9:16 pm
$76,000 for every minimum-wage job they are creating. >> it's really sad. we knew he was ill equipped. now he has really demonstrated that. the facts are in, the numbers are in. the policies don't work. he is the anti-business president. what he has done is punish entrepreneurship and tax people to death because he believes that big government can make better decisions than the american people and he is absolutely wrong. >> you touched on energy. a couple of things. coal used to account for 50-60% of our electricity use as far as five years. coal companies are going out of,. they employ tens of thousandings of people. peabody energy, console coal, their stock prices have dropped 80% in the last year and-a-half. why isn't epa and the threat from obottommasm he told us, if you want to build a coal fire power plant, you gallon bankrupt. >> sean: it's the war on energy.
9:17 pm
we haven't built a refinery in 30 years. we can't have nuclear power. north dakota. >> we tried our policies and they worked. what is working? there are 500,000 jobs fewer in america-- he says that clinton tried policies, but he has innocent tried -- >> do you think he wants barack obama saying we and using bill clinton's record? he is going, enough, already. >> he has had enough of him. >> sean: see you both. appreciate t. karl rove's going to be mad. your white board's bigger than his. >> lyou know-- it's going to be a big deal. he will demand a new white board. thank you, both. classic, a "hannity" shootout, crime in chicago is spiraling out of control. he the mayor is welcoming help from louis farrakhan. why is he outsourcing that job
9:18 pm
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>> sean: welcome back too "hannity" t. appears that the chicago mayor emanuel can't get a handle on the crime rate in his own city because he is outsourcing the security of his constituents to a very unlikely source, nation of islam leader, louis farrakhan. according to the chicago sun times, the nation of islam army has flooded the streets of chicago in order to, quote, form a human wall of protection against any sudden outbreak of gunfire. so what am i missing here? why would the mayor want help from this man, when it comes to anything? this is a man who has made more racist and anti-semetic comments i can think of. but listen to what the mayor said in a press conference yesterday. >> i think people of faith have a role to play in community leaders have a role to play, helping protect our communities, our neighborhoods and our citizens. you cannot get there on just one piece of an anti-crime stretch.
9:23 pm
the police have a troll play, pastors have a role to play, principals have a role to play and most importantly, parents have a role to play. the nation of islam has decided to help protect our community. and that's an important ingredient, like all the other aspects of protecting a neighborhood. >> sean: what exactly is your job, mr. mayor? joining me with the reaction, eric rush and the executive director of the american values institute, alexis mcgill johnson. thank you for being here. i look at the comments, over the years weerk know many of them, we can quote a lot of them. in his magazine, the god that teaches me issue the white man is the skunk of the manet earth. all of his anti-semetic comments. they are well chronicled. why would the mayor of chicago join forces with this guy to, you know, police the streets that he is supposed to be
9:24 pm
policing? >> well, you know, farrakhan and the people that the mayor hangs with are ideological aligned. besides farrakhan being a fire-breathing racist, is that the kind of violence you have in chicago right now on the streets are really a biproduct of liberal policies. you know? farrakhan's bedfellows are the people who for the past 40, 50 years have been providing the substandard schools, the activism and the kind of hopelessness, fomenting hopelessness and the anger are in the street, especially among the youth that leads to the violence that we are seeing in the first place. >> sean: let me play a tape of farrakhan. not the ones people are used to hearing, they have been played a lot over the years. but pay particular attention to, i will create a revolution
9:25 pm
inside of america as we play a montage. >> i tell you... [inaudible] people, i'm talking to you! when did america not love dictators? i told brother qaddafi and the people around him... i will take the bible and the koran and will create a revolution inside america. that's why i don't expect too much, even though i invite you tows because i know you are already -- [inaudible] and i don't give a damn whether you like what i say or not! because you will care! it 3,000 people who died in the
9:26 pm
world trade center were not killed by osama bin laden at all they think that that was you! our government! >> sean: 9/11, i will create a revolution in america. known racist and anti-semite. you want him policing the streets of chicago? that's a yes or no question. >> i think there is a crisis happening in chicago and a lot of our cities-- we know there is a crisis -- is that the right man to go to? >> understand the kind of crisis that we have. i think the kind of crisis that's on deck-- you are duck my question -- i will create a revolution in america! is that the kind -- >> sean. >> sean: recognizing farrakhan's reach is not akin to endorsing his views. we need people -- that is a copout! >> we need people on the streets. the nation of islam--
9:27 pm
is he an anti-semite. >> a tremendous role in discipline-- i will create a revolution inside of america! >> and his speech is hateful. >> sean: his speech is hateful. we will have a hateful guy creating peace? >> no. we have somebody with an incredible amount of reach -- do you have an answer of how it address-- how about the mayor and the police department do their job? >> how about we start taking seriously the fact that almost one out of three young african-american men are going to jail! >> sean: let me go back to -- what's next? we are going to have reverend j.d. america, america's chickens have come home to roost. who else? bill ayers can bring peace to chicago. who else is on this list of people that the mayor will go to bring safety to the streets? >> well, you know, i can't help but wonder if he would have welcomed the you can klutz clan
9:28 pm
in if they want to -- thecu klutz clan in -- the ku klutz klan -- >> that doesn't make sense -- >> validating him is validates hotdog world view. shabazz of the new black panther party who wants to kill white people, but who was under farrakhan's tutelage. this is the world view you are endorsing when you endorse him. the reason that you have this kind of social and economic squalor in the black community is directly traceable to the kind of liberal policies that emanuel -- >> that is so wrong. it's traceable to a policy of discrimination. we understand how we got here. >> i do not understand why -- [overlapping dialogue] >> black-on-black violence.
9:29 pm
is there any reason that you have to interrupt me. >> sean: all right. eric, we are short on time. we have to run here. you don't have any problem, whatsoever, with his racist, anti-semitic views and i will bring a revolution to america -- >> i have a problem-- you don't think there is a lock you don't see that as a lack of judgment by the mayor of chicago to bring in that divisive a figure? >> i see it as underscoring the sense of urgency-- that's your best answer? >> that is the shape. >> sean: that's pathetic. that is pathetic. that is pathetic. i will create a revolution inside america. >> okay-- bring that guy in -- [overlapping dialogue] >> let's talk about the kids who are hopeless and hungry. farrakhan's not the problem here. >> sean: farrakhan is a problem -- bring in the problem to fix a problem. >> but the problems are the kid who is are hungry and hopeless. let's talk about solutions for them. >> sean: when we come back,
9:30 pm
brent bozel is here with media mash. and why are democrats up in arms about chick-fil-a? we will explain the latest attempt to silence free speech as we advance this edition of "hannity," straight ahead. these fellas used capital one venture miles
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." a heedia roundup of all the ways the mainstream media puts their spin on the news. back with us to sort true all of it, none other than the president of the media research center, the one and only brent bozel. welcome back, brother. >> brother hannity, how we doing. >> sean: let me ask thu-- you department build that. your mother fed you, you know mashed peas and carrots and changed your diapers and god of breathing life into your soul radio you didn't build that bridge. all of this. listen to charlie rose try to
9:35 pm
spin it for the president, as if he didn't say it. >> the president was saying, if you looked at the full context, he was talking about building roads to the business, they didn't build the roads and the romney campaign was trying to indicate they didn't build the business. thei. >> exactly. the president was trying to say ttakes a village, whether you have been helped by teachers, roads or the policemen on the corner. >> sean: if my mother didn't change my diapers, i wouldn't be here. do we need charlie rose to interpret the president's remarks? >> yes, it's that bad. this is an astonishing statement. it goes right to the soul of the obama administration. and their outlook on economic matters. this is a complete rejection of the free enterprise system. this is huge. this is so huge, abc, nbc and cbs ignored it for four days. but what happened was -- this is
9:36 pm
one of the beautiful things about the new media -- because of fox news and talk radio and because of the internet, you can't keep these things in the tube. this story exploded. so the media had to corit -- how did they cover it? damage control for barack obama. spin, spin, spin. >> sean: let's take a look at nbc news. by the way, they seem like the official press office of the obama re-election campaign. let's first start -- let's go back and let's look at 2008. brian williams, interviewing the president. notice here, he doesn't talk about reverend wright, bitter people in pennsylvania, clinging to god, gun, bibles, religion. he doesn't ask any of that. >> when an american politician comes to berlin, we have had some iconic utterances in the past. we have had mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall -- >> i don't rate that -- >> is the phraseology that you would like remembered, the people of berlin, the people of the world, this is our moment,
9:37 pm
this is our time? >> sean: now, let's take a look at brian williams' interview where he, among other things, he asked romney about his tax returns -- are you hiding something? and hen he asks, you are going to pick a boring white guy? i swear... let's reverse the questions. watch this. >> on to another topic and that is your taxes. you can say your decision is firm, that you will not do a walk-back between now and the convention, now and the fall election, that there will be no returns, more returns released by mitt romney? >> i am following the same precedent that was put in place by john mccain. two years -- and by the way, hundreds of pages of returns. >> you know what happens in the real world. people hear, he's not going to release his returns and they wonder why. thatr they wonder, is there a year where he paid noy no taxes. they wonder about expensive
9:38 pm
horses and houses and what have you. i will ask you another way, what is it that is preventing frureleasing the rest of your returns? >> sean: then he asks, you are going to pick a boring white guy? he is regurgitating the white house talking points. it's a nonissue. >> it is a great snapshot of this topic of media bias because it's apples and apples. exactly four years ago, barack obama went to europe. we counted it -- he got 98 minutes of network news coverage. think about that. 98 minutes of network news coverage and not one single question about the things that you just rattled off -- resco, reverend wright, bill ayers, not one personal question. exactly one -- four years later, mitt romney goes to europe, exactly to the day, four years later, mitt romney goes to europe. and they hit him on the personal issues. by the way, if you listen to that tape, brian wmtion raised the specter that mitt romney
9:39 pm
hasn't paid his taxes in some -- in one year. i mean -- he raises a speculation, which is absolutely untrue. by the way, at the end, we learn that mitt romney has a legaluffa sense of humor. when he asked, are you going to pick a boring white person and mitt romney shot back, i heard you weren't available. >> sean: neither is joe biden. thank you for being with us. time to check in with greta van susteren for a sneak peek of "on the record." >> let me pick up right where you left off, the vice-presidential choice. we have the [speaking spanish] , john boehner and he will tell -- we have the speaker of the house, john boehner and karl scproaf much more. we have two pictures -- we have a picture of two members of the "on the record" staff that have you to see. >> sean: i want to see that.
9:40 pm
do you care who my choice is? >> who's your choice. >> sean: you have to ask me. >> who is jure choice, mr. hannity. >> sean: honestly, i would prefer marco rubio. >> and? >> sean: that's my choice. >> that's your choice? >> sean: three choices? there is only one pick. >> i don't think he's going to be the choice. >> i think it's going to be portman or pawlenty. that's my choice. if anyone's watching for the romney campaign -- >> here's my guess from the great state of wisconsin, congressman ryan. >> sean: that would be my second choice. >> but that's just a guess. i don't know. i have no inside track. >> sean: neither one of us do. we will be watching in 18 minutes. liberal intolerance towards those who live the world differently leading bans in a restaurant chain because the company's president supports traditional marriage. in other words, he supports the same position barack obama had until recently.
9:41 pm
we will break down the strong-arm tactics of the left, straight ahead. ♪
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>> sean: all right, if you are like me and a fan of a good chicken sandwich from the southern restaurant chain, chick-fil-a, and if you live in chicago or boston, you may be out of luck because the democrats who run those cities have vowed to block the opening of a new chick-fil-a because the company's president stated his support for traditional marriage. now, chicago mayor and former obama chief of staff, emam has told a chicago newspaper that the chick-fil-a and their values are not chicago values. this is not about the definition of marriage, just another example of the left and their intolerance of anyone who takes a difference stance than you do. they try to silence the opposition. joining me to sppd to this game of chicken -- no pun -- author of still the best hope, chris
9:46 pm
hahn. we are going to bring in screwy louis -- farrakhan -- you agree with that, right? >> no, i don't want. >> sean: you don't agree he's an anti-semite. >> i suppose if you are an anti-semite, you are a racist. but the people who bring him in -- farrakhan decided to come in, he's in a tough spot. there is nothing -- you know -- [overlapping dialogue] >> he wants all members of faith-based community to respond to the crisis and he responded. >> sean: wasn't this president obam's position on same-sex marriage? >> and he would not have been welcome to scmg boston, theoretically. you are right in the original supposition, i spent a good lifetime writing the latest book, a third of it is on the left. the point is, you destroy those you differ with. you don't differ with them. they are not decent people that you dear -- differ with, i is that you on proposition 8 which was remaimed proposition hate. i want it clear to everyone, for
9:47 pm
the left, if you believe that marriage be between a man and a woman, you are a hate-filled human being. you are beneath him. >> let's be real. if he wants to take the money that people are spending at chick-fil-a and put it into anti-marriage equality cause, people on the lift and people who disagree will vote with $dollars and go somewhere else. that's what is being said by the chicago and the boston mayor? >> two things, number 1, i agree with that. i buy ben & jerry's ice cream and i have utter contempt for ben and jerry. >> sean: you like ben and jerry. >> no. because i love liberty. the left not love liberty. i love liberty. and the right of a businessman to take a position is precious. if your product is good. i listen to wagoner's music and the marn was a racist. i can --
9:48 pm
>> if waffle fries are more important than the ark of justice, eat at chick-fil-a, that's what you are allowed to do in america. have you to vote with your mind? in chicago, they are going to go after chick-fil-a and a position that obama had until recently -- >> can i finish radio. >> sean: yes. >> bring in louis farrakhan-- i am not following this here here -- you are not dennis. [overlapping dialogue] >> look, the farrakhan thing is a good example here because farrakhan is acceptable whereas people who believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman are not acceptable in chicago. i believe, seriously, i think we should take him seriously. any american plan toking to visit chicago or boston who, believes that marriage ought to be define audio nothing against gays, just thinks that marriage ut to be between a man and a
9:49 pm
woman, should not visit boston or chicago, you are not welcome. >> obviously, he didn't bring in farrakhan in-- stop defending him. let the police department of chicago [overlapping dialogue] -- >> he said he wants to start a revolution -- [overlapping dialogue] >> people spend at his restaurant on anti-marriage-- anti-what? >> anti-marriage equality causes. if you believe in marriage equality and equal rights for all -- >> do you? do you believe in it? i am curious, do you believe that i could marry two women? >> i do. >> that's good. you are consistent. >> i believe in marriage equality. i believe that -- i -- [overlapping dialogue] >> i won't eat chick-fil-a because i don't like it. >> that's the next step, if you believe anyone marries anyone they love, polygamy must be reinstated. that is not the casism that's a slippery slope argument. >> you can't answer it -- >> no that, is not true.
9:50 pm
>> there are reasonable restrictions of two people -- >> why, why, why! >> there is a reasonable property tax -- >> marriage is a property contract. >> it is? it is? >> sean: we have to break. coming up, one former member of the elite navy seal team 6 has seen enough football spiking from the white house. and he has formed a super pac to make sure that barack obama is a one-term president. he will explain why he thinks the administration is putting our national security and grave danger. that's next. 's gentle, dependable constipation relief fore... and me and me. new dulcolax laxative tablets for women are comfort-coated... so they're gentle on sensitive stomachs. new dulcolax laxative for women the overnight relief you're looking for.
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>> sean: we have heard anonymous reports for over a year that members of the special ops community are not happy with president obama. they argue that he politicized the killing of osama bin laden and exposed the units and jeopardized the safety of our troops, their families and our overall national security. now a former member of the navy seal team 6 is going public. he has formed a super pac called special operations for america, aimed at ensuring that barack obama is a one-term president. joining me with more on how obama's policies are hurting our military and national security, former navy seal team 6 montana
9:55 pm
senator, ryan zinke. thanks you for being with us. >> it's an honor to be here. >> sean: tell us what you are doing here. >> special operations for america is a grassroots pac, aimed at giving the military a voice, giving special operations, the guys on active duty, the retired guys, a voice in what's happening. it is not just the leaks. there is a series of leaks. enough's enough. it started with osama bin laden and a commercial with former president clinton. not just taking the credit for tbut talking about the consequences of the decision. you know, to me, it was a straight-forward decision. but the consequence of failure, you know really was about the guys on the ground. and the reason why the operation was successful was you had the enormous capability did and dedication and buildup that the united states should be proud that woo had this capability. it wasn't just the seals. every service was involved. it was a long time in planning and we should be proud as a nation. but we shouldn't politicize it
9:56 pm
and make a commercial about it. >> sean: what about the fact that the president was wrong in rendition, black sites, gitmo and enhanced interrogations. without those, you don't have the intelligence to get osama bin laden? why wee can't he acknowledge that president bush was right and he was wrong? >> why do we have the information? information that, again, this is a culmination of years of operations. this culmination, you look at the capability of the force. seal team 6 and the special operations family, they didn't happen overnight. i mean, this was a long process. we have been in sustained combat operations, the longest period in our nation's history. and these guys are war-hardened veterans. when you -- when you say that this is a specific team to a task like this, you know, you put the team, you put the dependence, you put the whole community, i think, in jeopardy. what is happening overseas, when you negotiate the ability to fight at night and the ability
9:57 pm
to have independent operationsia we have to take a force that's known for ops. they put the troops at risk. enough's enough. >> sean: how much are you looking to raise? and is this going to be the ads, i assume the super pac will put out? we only have a few seconds. >> we are at nascar. we are driving to car 32 in the sprint race in indy this weekend. the unfortunate part of politics, our voice is in a relationship to how much money we have. i am not taking a paycheck. i am doing this for god and country. but we are going to be very, careful in our deliver of message. we want to make sure what we say is well documented and we don't hit below the belt. i don't dislike the president personally. i dislike his policies as commandsener chief and president. >> sean: we have to run. senator, appreciate you being with us. thank you. >> thank you. >> sean: that's all the time we have left. thank you for being with us.
9:58 pm
greta's next to "on the record." see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, speaker of the house john boehner tells you his pick for vice-president. but will governor mitt romney take his advice 92 and who is it? speaker boehner goes "on the record." then governor mitt romney hits the road big time england to israel and then to poland. we have a surprise about his trip. and ambassador john bolton and karl rove are both here. but first, speaker of the house, john boehner, the fight over extending the bush-era tax cuts, getting down and dirty. but is it getting anywhere? yesterday, the democratally controlled senate renewed the tax cuts, but only for those making less than $250,000. for everyone else, tax rates go up january 1. now it is the republican-led house's move. we spoke with speaker john boehner earlier today. nice to see you, sir. >> greta, good to be with you. >> greta: senate voted yesterday. what is your plan in the house?
9:59 pm
>> the house next week will vote to stop the looming tax hike scheduled to take effect on january 1. the president's plan would cost about 700,000 jobs that wouldn't be created or could be lost by taxing small businesses. the house will not do that. the house will extend all of the existing tax rates. we have 8% unemployment and 41 months of it. this is not the time -- the time to be raising taxes on american small businesses. >> greta: will there be any deals down the road, people who make more than $5 million or something? the bigger numbers than a million in order to get a deal? >> who knows -- >> greta: or is this absolutely no tax hike to anybody? >> this is not the time to be raising taxes on small business owners. we are not going to did it? >> greta: that means nobody, no way,er


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